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Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk , as a leader in higher education in Ukraine is striving to create the conditions for creative development of students based on the original ideals of the Nobel movement for developing intellectual capital, starting with future scientists and practitioners at their earliest stage in higher education.


In 2003’ the University opened the Hall of Nobel Laureates in Economics. Since its inception, it has become a leading center for research and educational activities, where a wide variety of events are held in the world of science , education and research ,which attract considerable attention from scientists and academics not only from Ukraine but also from other nations.
In 2008 the Founder and Rector of the University of B. I. Kholod initiated the creation of the Charitable Fund "Alfred Nobel Planet" (now - Charitable Organization "International Charitable Fund " Alfred Nobel Planet"",

established with the aim of promoting the achievements of Nobel Laureates , supporting talented young people , its focus being on research activities. The Fund’s Supervisory Board is headed by the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of NAS of Ukraine , Boris Paton. It is also co-chaired by the President of Ukraine (1994-2005 years) L.D. Kuchma and Nobel Laureate in Physics Zh.I. Alferov (Russia).

In September 2008, on the initiative of the University and the Charitable Fund "Alfred Nobel Planet", as well as with the support of a number of Nobel Prize winners, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and leading research institutions in other countries, the First International Nobel Economic Forum «The World Economy of the XXI Century: Cycles and Crises. " was held This Forum has become a centre for lively discussion of the results of research devoted to the general trends of modern civilization under the influence of globalization.

The culminating event of the Forum was the unveiling on 13 September 2008 of the unique commemorative sign – the memorial symbol "Planet of Alfred Nobel", established in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economics in Memory of Alfred Nobel. The memorial is a five-meter composition with a symbolic globe three meters in diameter bearing bronze medal images of all (since 1901) Nobel Laureates , numbering over 800 in all six nominations.

Among the main achievements of the Forum one should note the launch of the World Student Internet Contest in Economics, the decision to hold a session of the Forum connecting universities and research institutions from around the world via the Internet, the decision to issue a periodical publication of the works of eminent scholars in the field of economics in the Bulletin of the International Nobel Economic Forum.

The Forum has become a regular scientific event that traditionally attracts the attention of eminent scientists from around the world. Since 2009 the virtual sessions of the Forum have attracted the participation of universities in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, France and other countries. The plenary sessions of the Forum in 2010 and 2012 were attended not only by leading scholars from Ukraine, Europe and the world, but also by state and public figures from Russia, Poland and Italy.

Since 2012 the Forum was conducted in the format of the World Nobel Economic Congress. This respected scientific meeting was greeted by the President of Ukraine (1994-2005) Leonid Kuchma,and President of Poland (1995-2005) Alexander Kwasniewski. Furthermore, the Congress (Forum) has also been regularly greeted by President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,B. E. Paton. The Nobel Prize Winner in 2001 in the Field of Physics Zh.I. Alferov and Nobel Laureate in Economics J. Stiglitz pay regular attention to the Congress.

The World Nobel Students' Internet Contest in Economics regularly collects a significant amount of works from around the world. Among the nominees and winners of the Olympiad are students from Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Armenia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
Given the importance involving wider society in the Nobel movement , the University directs considerable effort towards spreading the ideas of movement among junior students and school pupils , from 2010 Nobel University has organized Nobel readings and annual Nobel Economic competitions for school pupils and students of colleges. Since 2012 a competition unique in Ukraine , the Basketball Tournament for Student Teams from Universities in Dnipropetrovsk , has been held in the great sports hall of Alfred Nobel University , in which the teams compete for the prizes awarded by the "International Charitable Fund " Alfred Nobel Planet "..."


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