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Memorial symbol "Alfred Nobel Planet"

Continuing the efforts to perpetuate the achievements of the greatest representatives of the world intellectual elite, NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS, in 2008 the administration of Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law decided to create on its territory a unique commemorative sign – memorial symbol "ALFRED NOBEL PLANET". This memorial symbol has no analogue either in Ukraine or the world over.

This unique commemorative sign will be made of corrosion-proof metals and alloys, mostly of materials from utilized strategic missiles – as a symbol of Ukrainian state and people’s contribution to nuclear disarmament on our planet and, at the same time, as a symbol of Ukraine’s might as one of the world’s aerospace leaders.

The memorial symbol, five meter high with a symbolic globe of three meters in diameter and with portraits of all 780 Nobel Prize Winners in all six nominations beginning from 1901, will be erected on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law. The portraits of Nobel Prize Winners will be engraved on bronze medals 115 mm in diameter.

To implement this project and support the Nobel movement, the Charitable Fund "Alfred Nobel Planet” was established. The Board of Trustees of the Fund will include Nobel Prize Winners, distinguished scholars and prominent public and political figures.


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